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Growing Your Instagram As A Streamer - NEXT LEVEL


I get asked almost everyday, "How do you grow your viewers and followers?" Since I hear it so often I decided it was time to share my strategy with everyone. When it comes to growing as a streamer on Twitch, Mixer and YouTube it is crucial to have a solid social media plan. Without it you end up another streamer posting follow for follow and please follow me posts that no one ever clicks on!


I get this question constantly in emails, DM’s tweets and comments.

The reason I can answer this question is because I have been where you are, struggling to figure out what I was doing wrong. I have spent countless hours studying top social media marketers and standing on their shoulders to succeed! This is not theory, it’s practical advice that has worked for me and tons of other individuals and streamers. Originally I began using this technique on Twitter but found it far more powerful on Instagram and Facebook Groups. Wherever you decide to use this method, it will build awareness, interaction and most importantly, community growth for you and your channel.

As you can obviously imagine, the key to social media is to actually be social! As Gary Vaynerchuk so elegantly put it, " I have always discussed how important it is, not only to build influence but to build community and become part of the conversation online."


The method that Gary Vaynerchuk designed around growing businesses and brands online was based around using your .02 cents worth to post to 9 of the top posts for 10 different hashtags within your niche. By the end you have left your full $1.80 of thoughts online in the specific category, niche or industry you want to become a part of.


The unfortunate issue is that this consumes approximately 3 hours per day to complete and doesn't have the same effect on the streaming niche itself (younger crowd). After applying some methods from some of the top streamers with social media tactics from the top marketers, the best method was created!


I had been using this method daily along with many other streamers that I have asked to trail run it almost a year ago. We are astonished at the results! I personally averaged 44 new followers per day before the Instagram Ninja Method. After many months of doing my best to follow the steps everyday I can boastfully say that those numbers have jumped well over 121 per day!


     I have broken down the Next Level Instagram Method into 3 simple parts:


This is pretty simple to do on Instagram. Search your specific streaming platform...


The best part about searching for hashtags is that you can quickly and easily identify related tags in your industry or niche. Once you search #Twitch, Instagram recommends related hashtags to follow.

You want to search for hashtags that are relevant to the games that you play and the platforms you use.

It is time to select the top 5 relevant posts for that search. (you will do this 5 more times)


Many times you will find posts that have thousands of views but almost 0 comments. It would probably be better to find the post with high activity instead!


Don't forget, you are here to make a presentable difference, not be a spammer.


Now that you’ve identified the top 5 posts for your top 5 hashtags… it’s time to comment and like the posts.


If other streamers or viewers are asking questions that you can elaborate on, comment and tag them. If it's a great gaming video or content photo tell them what you liked about it. Avoid negativity because no one likes to be demeaned for their hard work.

When the post is relevant to something, tag it or other relevant people.

Like, comment, reply and be insightful.

Remember that you have 4 more posts and 5 more hashtags to do so don't waste too much time! If you can be helpful or insightful then you are doing what you're there to do.



The process is simple and when starting out in social media, simple is good.

It doesn't matter how much help your comments may be, what matters is the number of times you do it! Social media growth is no different from sales which is no different from growing followers and viewers. I promise that the results are there if you will put in the time.

REMEMBER - even one follower a day turns into two and in time turns into 25.

Continue on everyday and one day you will have so much interaction on your own posts that you wont have time to do this.


Start NOW! There's never a better time than now. Starting tomorrow only means you missed out on hundreds of people seeing your comments and opinion today. Do not forget that you are not here to be a spamming prick! You will never grow when its obvious your doing it only for self gain.

The one thing that will end up ruining your social account and even get you banned is thinking that everyone should follow you is how you help them. Follow me links, F4F and view my channel are SPAM!

Methods like this have been around for decades and no one ever listens until someone shoves proof in their face. Many think that just having a bot go around and say "Hey, follow my channel" to hundreds of people is going to be easier. You will find out that the person following this method is making your BOT look like overpriced toilet paper.


Be yourself, be special, be unique! If you are a streamer on Mixer or Twitch or content creator on YouTube then the little things are far more important than you know. Put in the extra steps to stand out from the crowd. You may even learn a few things along the way and meet great people to network with.


If you are reading this saying that you don't have that kind of time then you may be in the wrong profession. As a streamer it is your main concern to entertain others and this is no different. Spend some time over coffee in the morning or during your workout breaks. Do some searching and posting over lunch. If your sitting there watching cat videos then you obviously aren't trying very hard to grow.

Step up and START DOING! Becoming A Streaming Ninja does not come easily but gives you the chance to make a living doing what you love: Entertaining and Creating. That's it guys, that is the Next Level Instagram Method.


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